Programme: Residential
Project size: 3,000 sq.m
Location: Singapore

Lead Design Consultant: Teh Kan Wee Wagen, AIA

Collaborators: Newprecinct Architects

The conventional typology for partywall to partywall terrace house development often leaves small slither of inconsequential landscape spaces in the front car porch and backyard for each dwelling unit.

To create a more substantial landscape experience for each house, the building mass is elevated slightly off the ground for a subterranean water sanctuary to integrate the front car porch and backyard into a continuous landscape surface. The air well that punctuates the building mass enables every interior space to connect visually and acoustically to the view and sound of the water feature, thereby bringing the landscape experience into the house interior.

The economies of scale of repeating the same unit layout for the six houses development was given a twist by flipping every alternate house 180 degrees to create more variation in the elevation and roofscape. The result of which is also greater privacy for each individual roof terrace that would otherwise be overlooking the adjacent units.