Programme: Landscape pavilion
Location: Joshua Tree National Park, California
Status: Proposed

Design Architect: Teh Kan Wee Wagen, AIA

Some of the most exquisite patterns created by Nature are the result of simple processes operating at the micro scale that leads to complex behavior at the macro level. The enigmatic network of intricate crevices in Jumbo Rocks of Joshua Tree National Park inspires a similar bottom up design strategy for the pavilion.

The micro weathering process that shaped the boulder landscape was reinterpreted and graphically abstracted in the form of a basic sun shading device module. A simple fractal geometric rule was applied to allow the basic module to negotiate and populate the crevices. The resultant is the emergence of a complex lattice structure that generates an intricate “rock weathering” shadow pattern in the selected canyon site.

It aims to create a spatial experience which resonates with the simple processes that sculpted the boulder landscape for rock climbers and visitors seeking refuge from the sun.