Programme: Residential
Project size: 373 sq.m
Location: Singapore, 2012

Design Architect: Teh Kan Wee Wagen, AIA
Design Team: Portia Wijatno

Collaborators: EK

The residential estate is made up of homogeneously subdivided plots, measuring 8 metres by 24 metres, for intermediate terrace house development. Pressures of limited real estate often drives the motivation to maximize floor plates on each storey within the allowable building envelop, restricting each room to single height space that may not conducive for the client’s gregarious lifestyle of hosting big groups of friends for live screening of sporting events.

Inspired by the typical sectional organization of congregational spaces such as sports arenas, the programs of the conventional terrace house are reorganized with the bedrooms and other communal spaces occupying three stories at the rear of the building envelop leaving a double height living room space with a stepped shelving system at the front.

On event days, the living room becomes an event space with a large format projection screen for screening live sporting events and the stepped shelving system doubling up as tiered seating for guests. When the need arises for larger groups of guests, the bedrooms at second and third storeys with slide away doors open up for additional “premium box seats” offering an immersive arena like spatial experience for the family and friends on an otherwise limited plot of land.